How to Clean a Swimming Pool The Right Way


How To Clean A Swimming Pool? 7 Top Tips

A home swimming pool can provide your family with lots of fun, but it can also prove to be a bit of an inconvenience to maintain. If you don’t invest the time and money needed to maintain your pool, however, it will soon end up dirty and unfit for use. So, here are 7 top tips to help keep your swimming pool clean:

  1. Frequent Skimming Is Vital
    Try to skim your swimming pool as often as possible. The longer you go between skimmings, the more issues you are likely to have. Your goal is to prevent debris from collecting in the pool’s filter system.
  2. Check The Filter Basket Weekly
    A pool filter will not work as effectively, or at all if it is clogged up. Consequently, checking and cleaning the filter basket at least once a week is very important. With regular cleanings, your filter will work more efficiently and last longer.
  3. Keep Pool PH Levels Consistent
    To prevent excess bacterial contamination of the pool, you need to add chemicals to the water. However, the chemical levels need to be kept balanced. If you have added too much chloride to your pool by mistake, adding baking soda can help to balance the PH levels.
  4. Monitor The Water Levels
    Keep an eye on your pool’s water levels, especially after heavy rain. You don’t want to allow the water levels to exceed a certain point. If your pool contains too much water, the filter will not be able to process it all properly. In the event of overfilling, you are going to need to take time to drain some of the water away. This could mean setting up a pump system.
  5. Make Preparations For The Winter Months
    In most areas of the country, you will need to close your pool down for the winter. It’s imperative that you winterize your swimming pool. Before winter starts, you want to check that there are no leaks. You also need to invest in a quality pool cover.
  6. Throw A Tennis Ball In The Pool
    Did you know that regular tennis balls can be a good cleaning tool? Tennis balls collect any oil on the pool’s surface, so try to keep a few in the pool whenever practical.
  7. Get The Pool Serviced Annually

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